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Why You Should Care About Online Ordering

Customers are moving more and more towards online ordering and leaving Business to third Party like UberEats, MenuLog or Doordash will result in complete Dependency  and loss of Business. Online Ordering For Restaurants and catering Business is very Important and very much part of Core Business requirements


Increase Efficiency of Staff By Reducing Time Spend on Phone and Taking Orders Manually

Know More about your customers by collecting and analyzing data

Stearmline your purchasing by better Sales Forcasting

Taking Advance Orders and bookings 24/7

Reduce Manual Order Mistake and Increase customer satifaction

Awesome Features

Awesome Features #1

Fully Responsive

The number one benefit of a responsive layout is the guarantee that any user on any device will have the best experience possible on your website. And, the most consistent.

Awesome Features #2

Easy to Use

We Design Ordering layout keeping in mind most customers are not computer savvy and they just want to order food as easily as possible.

Awesome Features #3


Our Business  model is to put maximum profit in restaurant owners pocket while we give best technology to guaranteed growth

Awesome Features #4

Full Integrations with Online Ordering for Restaurants

This is one of kind service our system give which enable  restaurant owners and there marketing team give tools  to  help in marketing 

Awesome Features #5

Advance Promo Creater

Most Advance Promo Code creator in the market . This will let you create any kind of promotions . Flat discounts, Percentage, Buy One Get One  Etc

Awesome Features #6

Service that Customers Wants

All the services which will complete the restaurant requirements . our system provide pickup , delivery, dine in , Table booking all from one place

System also allow to restrict to a particular  service like only pickups or only deliveries etc.

Awesome Features #7

Multiple payment options

We have integration most popular payment gateways which allow our system to be able to work in most countries in the world and accept all major debit and credit cards

Awesome Features #8

Connect Unlimited Printers-Online Ordering for Restaurants

we have our dedicate App on Android and  windows platform which makes it very easy to connect any kind of printer . weather it is LAN , wireless , Bluetooth or windows Shared printers.

Also able to connect to multiple printers at the same time to print different location with  printing API. 

Awesome Features #9

Flexible Setup

Our system is very Flexible that can be easily adapt to your business requirements,

weather You have casual or fine dining or catering . this system will work seamless.

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Custom Mobile App for Restaurant

Tailored Solutions for Restaurant Mobile App Development

Explore bespoke mobile app solutions crafted specifically for restaurants. From seamless ordering to engaging customer experiences, discover how our tailored development services elevate dining establishments in the digital age.


Convenient Order Management

With our mobile app, you can effortlessly manage all your orders on the go. From tracking order status to making changes or cancellations, everything is at your fingertips. Stay updated and in control, ensuring a seamless experience for both you and your customers.


Efficient Booking Management

Never miss a booking again with our intuitive mobile booking system. Easily view, schedule, and manage appointments from anywhere, anytime. Streamline your operations and keep your calendar organized with just a few taps on your phone.

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 Gift Card

Simplified Gift Card Management

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