Temperature Monitoring System

Precision Monitoring for Optimal Temperature Control

Explore cutting-edge temperature monitoring systems designed to ensure precise control and regulation. Learn how these solutions optimize conditions for maximum efficiency and quality in various environments and industries.

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Temperature monitoring

Arktic App is used to Monitor the temperature of your Freezer, Office & Homes.


Room Temperature Thermometer and Meter Measure temperature unit type Celsius °C.

Arktic was designed to solve these three issues…

Temperature data collection is now effortless

Any temperature logger is simply a thermometer with memory. They are designed to take the work out of recording the temperature.There is no longer any need to rely on staff. You aren’t wasting their time, and they aren’t faking the results.

If you want reliable temperature logs with no effort, then you need a temperature logger.

Traditional temperature loggers required the user to plug it into a computer to see the results.

You're too busy to be downloading data and creating reports

With most systems, you still need to login, select the type of report you want, and create the report.

With Arktic, you don’t have to do anything. Arktic will send your daily/weekly/monthly reports straight to your inbox.

OK, technically you do need to check your emails.

Apart from that, Arktic is truly set-and-forget.

Alarms and flashing lights are great ... if you're in the room

Arktic will let you know about problems with immediate notifications to your email and smartphone, so you can find out if something is wrong while there’s still time to fix it.

You can set the temperature at which you will be notified. This means the same system can be used for your fridges, freezers, and air-conditioning.