Wireless Temperature Data Logger

Wireless Temperature Data Logger

Original price was: $ 300.Current price is: $ 250.


Original price was: $ 300.Current price is: $ 250.



Stay informed and in control with our Wireless Temperature Data Logger. Effortlessly monitor temperature fluctuations in real-time from anywhere. Featuring wireless connectivity and intuitive software, this logger ensures accurate data collection for various applications, from food storage to pharmaceuticals. Keep your environment under control with ease and precision.

How Arktic works to save you time and money?

If you have something that is temperature-sensitive.

This is the Arktic wireless temperature data logger.

You put it inside your fridge or freezer.

The logger records the temperatures and broadcasts them.

The second part of Arktic is the Gateway.

The gateway “hears” the readings from the logger and saves them to the internet…

(It’s all automatic – you don’t have to do anything!)